Jason Hensley

Chesterfield, VA

Hailing from Crewe, Virginia, Jason Hensley has been fishing since he could walk. He grew up catching cat fish, and graduated to bass fishing 2001. He started kayak fishing in late 2016, nearly three years ago. “Kayak fishing for me is my getaway from it all. I can de-stress and take in natures glory- catching fish is just a plus!”

He enjoys kayak tournaments, especially the Virginia Monthly challenges through VKBC and KBF. He’s fished in two national championships, and once finished in the top 20. His favorite fishing memories are from cat-fishing with his granddad.


“It is an unbelievable honor to be a part of the awesome group of anglers and paddlers that make up Team Bonafide. Having this platform to be able to share my passion for kayaking and kayak bass fishing as well as Bonafide’s ‘Made in the USA’ products is second to none!”