Zack Klan

Erie, PA

Zack Klan from Erie, Pennsylvania, has been fishing since he could walk and kayak fishing since 2013. He started to kayak fish to add another challenge. He feels like it adds to his fishing experience and is a personal escape from his day to day routine. One of his most memorable experience as a kayak angler was “introducing a neighborhood kid with a tough childhood to kayak fishing, and it turned his life around.” Another memorable moment was traveling out of Pennsylvania for the first time for a tournament. “That’s when I knew I needed to travel and do more. It feeds the drive.” Zack participates in any of the KBF Series and Western PA Kayak Anglers Series tournaments, and works as a kayak expert for FishUSA.

“For kayak anglers, as long as there is water to paddle, there are always new horizons.”