Dual Action Foot Braces™ with Grey / Orange Traction Pads



Our proprietary Dual Action Foot Braces™ are more than meets the eye. Featured on the SS127 and SS107 series, they quickly adjust from an extremely rigid foot brace to free sliding rudder controls with a simple flip of a switch. This is just one of the many unique features of the SS series that makes Ultimate Fishability. This kit includes a pair of Dual Action Foot Braces with the grey deck traction and orange outline. Featured on the Cool Hand Blue colorway of the SS107 and SS127 fishing kayaks the grey deck traction with the orange trim adds a nice touch that isn’t seen on many kayaks in the industry. Our traction pads are made from a UV resistant closed cell PE/EVA foam that is made to last and aids in comfort, grip, and noise reduction.

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