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RS117 Overview

Value Redefined

Whether lake fishing, river fishing, inshore or offshore fishing, the Bonafide RS117 “RISE Series” is truly an incredible fishing kayak, ready for all water environments.  The RS117 offers a new standard for budget-conscious kayak anglers, providing them an affordable opportunity to RISE up into a premium, authentically-designed fishing kayak that’s made in the USA!  With a Hybrid Catamaran hull (similar to our SS series), the RS117 is a very standable platform that offers an excellent balance of stability and paddling performance.  Add in the top-notch deck layout with all day comfort and an “it just makes sense” array of features, and the RS117 is the perfect boat to get you out on the water, paddling and fishing, with friends and family!

The RS117 maintains a modest width of just 33.5 inches, but the stability and tracking out performs many wider (and heavier) kayaks. The RS117 weighs in at just 77 (honest) lbs.

Comfort and organization are key components of the RS117.  The new Stadium Seat is light weight, easy to adjust, and has two seating positions, allowing all day comfort to make those long days on the water possible.  From bow to stern, a wide array of features such as YakAttack MightyMount XL track, centralized storage pod, Shield Frontwell Cover with integrated Paddle Pouch, and forward transducer friendly scupper, make the RS117 one of the most fully featured values in kayak fishing.

Getting on the water is easier with the RS117.  The oversized FatGrip Handles (bow and stern) are integrated to the hull in ergonomically friendly locations, making carrying comfortable and easy.  Side handles assist in car topping, and are designed to retain your paddle or fishing rod.

To top it off, the Bonafide Limited Lifetime Hull Warranty gives you peace of mind.  It’s our promise to you that we stand behind each and every one of our products.

Whether you’re an experienced kayak angler looking for the next sit-on-top fishing kayak, or are just starting out, we want to be part of your next adventure.  You only get one life.  Live the Story You Want to Tell™ in your Bonafide kayak!

Don’t take our word for it. Visit your local Bonafide dealer, schedule a demo, and try it for yourself.  We think you’ll agree.

  • Length: 11' 7"
  • Width: 33.5"
  • Honest Weight: 65 lbs hull weight, 72 lbs w/o seat, 77 lbs w/ seat
  • Capacity: 425 lbs
  • Deck Height: 13”
  • Hull Material: Rotomolded Polyethylene
  • Hybrid Cat Hull design
  • Multi rod and paddle management points
  • Fat Grip™ Bow and Stern Handles
  • Forward StorageWell with transducer scupper
  • Shield StorageWell™ Cover with integrated Paddle Pouch
  • Integrated DryPod™
  • YakAttack MightyMount XL track- 2 x 12” 1 x 6”
  • Excellent standing stability and foot room
  • Cockpit Deck traction
  • Dual height Stadium Seat™ with double layer breathable mesh and extra width for comfort
  • Quick Connect™ seat positioning system with low and high positions
  • Gear storage around the seat for tackle organizers, integrated cup holder, under seat tackle storage, and integrated lure trays on the gunwales
  • Side carry handle with paddle storage
  • Dual flush mount rod holders
  • Crate friendly tankwell with adjustable bungee and extra tackle storage
  • Stern Access Plate for hull access
  • Replaceable dual stern skid plates
  • TopRun Rudder System™ ready, enabling quick and easy no-drill rudder install
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5 reviews for RS117

  1. Mike Kohler

    The RS 117 may have an entry level price but it is not an entry level kayak, it is so much more! After taking a SS127 out for a demo I was sold on the rock solid stability and all of the fishing features built in to Bonafide kayaks, especially the “junk drawer” but the price and the weight (I car top my kayaks) put it out of my reach, then Bonafide announced the new RS117. The 117 maybe be 1 foot shorter than the 127 but you would not know it sitting in the seat, there is all sorts of space in front of and all around you. To your front you have 26 inches of might mount XL gear track mounted on the left and right gunnels and the center console area; to your right is built in storage for your yeti and soft plastics, you can store 2 3600 and 2 3700 boxes under your seat within easy reach and you have built in storage for another 2 3600 boxes, one to your left and one directly behind you. I spend 6+ hours in my kayak on average each time I go out fishing so having a comfortable seat was important. The seat on the 117 is as comfortable as the 127 if not more comfortable, its wider which makes it a little easier to turn around in when you need to reach for something behind you. The height of the seat is part of the reason why it is so comfortable, at nearly 11 inches above the deck in the high position; you sit high enough to pull your feet into you relieving pressure on your lower back. This kayak handles great, it does not track like a 11 foot boat but one that is much longer. The stability of the 117 is as good as the 127 even with the seat in the high position. I have taken this kayak out in large lakes, coastal inshore areas and tidal saltwater creeks and the 117 has handled all of it effortlessly. For the bigger anglers out there, do not be afraid to try this kayak, I’m 6’2″, 260lbs and it handles me and all my gear just fine. Overall this is great “entry Level” kayak that offers all of the storage space, gear tracks, stability and comfort of a much more expensive kayak without the high price, go to your local Bonafide vendor and take one out on a demo you won’t be disappointed.

  2. Alex Juckett

    I fell in love with Bonafide both by what they stand for and the quality of product they make. However, the price tag on the SS-127 was a little out of my range. Then, as if it was meant to be, they announce the release of the RS-117 at the perfect moment. Finally, a top of the line product that the every day guy can afford!

    Once it arrived, I put it in the water the first chance I got to try it out. It was unbelievable stable, extremely comfortable, and has more than enough space for me. Although the price tag is lower than most other top of the line kayaks, I assure you that Bonafide did not sacrifice any quality to meet that price. If you area a afternoon or weekend warrior like me, this is a PERFECT fit! The RS-117 has plenty of space. I personally use a milk crate that has 3 rod holders and a bucket for live bait or small fish storage which fits perfectly in the pre-cut back storage area. Instead of lugging a tackle box, I slide my Plano boxes under the seat which gives me great ease of access. Since getting, I have made 3 trips, and love the RS-117 even more each time. My suggestion, if you’re on the fence…BUY IT! You will not regret it!

    Furthermore, I can not say enough about Bonafide and it’s staff. Before ordering and after ordering I had several questions, and turned to the support link at Bonafide. Not only did i receive a quick response to every message, but Bonafide went above and beyond to assist me. From helping me track down where to get my kayak, questions on transducer mounting, accessories, parts, etc, they have never shied away from GREAT customer service. I look forward to being a loyal customer for many years to come!

    Cheers and Happy Fishing,

  3. Raymond G Harper

    We were pond fishing in 35 + mph wind gusts the rs 117 handled the wind very well it passed the stability test ! Love this kayak.

  4. Jack

    Purchased the 117 for Texas coastal fishing. The clean deck is easy to access and customize. Paddles easily and stability is excellent. It is surprisingly agile, which is a big plus for
    navigating narrow marsh channels. Addition of a rudder would help in windy conditions, a frequent circumstance where I fish.

  5. Dave Mckinley

    I have owned this since spring of 2019. It’s a great kayak. Not perfect but still great. The boat is super stable and I have not been afraid to take it anywhere. It’s handled everything I have thrown at it so far. The seat is top notch and I have noticed that I am spending hours more on the water than in my other Kayaks. The only con was the tracking. The boat does fine while up to speed but I had some issues with it spinning after I stopped paddling so I added the flex wings as soon as they came out for the RS. It’s a completely different boat now. I have had it out twice since the install and once on a lake and it was noticeably a different kayak. This weekend I took it to my local river that is deep and slow but had plenty of current this time of the year and it handled it like a champ. Even with the current the flex wings made the boat so much easier to control. I fished with two other kayaker who had pedal drives and told them about the flex wings and the issues I was having and they were like well it looks like it tracks perfect now! I paddled 4 miles in it yesterday and was very pleased.

    This boat is so much more than an entry level kayak. If you are not looking for a pedal drive do yourself a favor and at least demo this boat.

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Industry Ratings

The RS117 is a perfect kayak for anglers looking for comfort, performance and stability — without sacrificing quality or emptying your wallet. Well thought out and laid out, the RS117 is a premium kayak at an entry level price.

- Louisiana Sportsman - November 2018 Read Review

I love it when someone rethinks a design in an effort to make it perfect. Every inch of the RS117 is a tribute to economy and efficiency. But this isn’t a starter boat. The RS117 is a capable standup fishing platform with enough features to satisfy any inshore angler. Even though it costs less than $1,000, there’s still plenty to get me excited.

- KayakAnlgler - June 2019 Read Review

When it comes to Kayak Design, Bonafide has thrown the book out the window. While staying true to efficient manufacturing, this team has re-thought everything that has come before. Bonafide = genuine, the real deal, authentic

- BBZ - October 2017 Read Review