• 10' 7"
  • Sit | Stand

Ultimate Fishability

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SS107 Overview

Not Your Run-Of-The-Mill Kayak

Don’t confuse the compact SS107 with an entry level or “small person” kayak.  This portable beast boasts premium fishing features with a small footprint and a serious payload.

Designed for maximum stability without sacrificing paddling performance, and angler friendly features where you need them, the SS107 is a fully featured paddlecraft that you truly have to experience to appreciate.

The experience starts with the incredibly comfortable HiRise™ seating system.  The ultra-high seat allows you to sit with your knees bent, taking pressure off of your lower back.  If you want to really dig in and cover some distance, the SeatRack™ and foldable seat frame allow quick and quiet conversion to a lower position.

You’ll notice right away that the SS107 is one of the most stable 10 foot kayaks you’ve ever been in, which is surprising considering its 34” width.  Equally surprising is the tracking and glide, not something you typically find in a boat this compact.

A great paddling kayak is nice, but a great paddling fishing kayak requires more than just paddling performance.  It requires something we call “Fishability”. It’s feeling confident enough to move around or even stand up and fish. Featuring YakAttack GearTrac it gives you the ability to have your gear out of the way but always within reach. It’s the comfort and ergonomics that enable long days on the water.  It’s every piece, every part, and every function being carefully designed for versatility and with the kayak angler in mind. It’s an overall kayak angling experience in which things work the way they should work.  For us, the bar was set at Ultimate Fishability™.

The Bonafide SS107 is truly an incredible fishing kayak.  But don’t take our word for it. Visit your local Bonafide dealer, schedule a demo, and try it for yourself.  We think you’ll agree.

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  • Length: 10' 7"
  • Width: 34.5"
  • Honest Weight: 59 lbs hull weight; 75 lbs w/o seat, 84 lbs w/ seat
  • Capacity: 425 lbs
  • Deck Height: 15.5”
  • Hull Material: Rotomolded Polyethylene
  • Hybrid Cat Hull design
  • DryPod™ with transducer through-hull scupper
  • Multi-rod and paddle management points
  • HiRise™ seating with ultra-high bass boat like position
  • PerchPads™ for additional standing position on top of gunwales
  • Integrated Doubleheader hinge with DryPod™
  • Boss Strap™ rod management system
  • Fat Grip™ bow handle w/ comfort insert
  • Fat Grip™ retractable stern handle w/comfort insert
  • YakAttack® Aluminum GearTrac™
  • Side carry handle with paddle storage
  • Low Profile Deck Fittings
  • SeatRack™ positioning system
  • Deck Traction Pads in forward cockpit
  • Stern Access Plate for hull access
  • Replaceable dual stern skid plates
  • Double Acting Foot Braces™
  • Anodized aluminum foot brace track is strong and ultra-ridged
  • Sliding under seat Junk Drawer™
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2 reviews for SS107

  1. Ben

    This thing is frankly just badass. I did my homework buying my first kayak and it paid off greatly. You can tell when something is well designed and made intentionally and this kayak proves it. From the secure footpads to grip your feet, to the rubberize junk drawer to protect your valuables. I didn’t realize it at first but even to have a paddle holder utilizing a bungee cord to secure your paddle is genius. I haven’t seen that before, but I use it all the time in transporting it or keeping my hands free when needed. There are several little details to help dampen sound, hold equipment, and stabilize the kayak that you just don’t see on other kayaks. The handles are even secured down to avoid making noise while on the water. It’s like a ghost.

    I live near a lake so having a kayak I could lug around and go for a joyride was a pretty high requirement. I love not being confined inside a kayak and having legroom to move about. I mainly sit in the low position and the chair is super comfortable.

    Bottom line is this is an awesome kayak. There are several on the market but I’ve yet to see one that can outperform my Bonafide. Being made 100% in the USA was a pretty cool thing to support too.

  2. coconut kayak

    You don’t have to fish to use a fishing kayak. This model selected for my senior guests. Great seat with solid back support, no soggy butt here, very stable…almost impossible to capsize. Perfect rear design to add little Minkota trolling motor… cheating? Look when your 73 and paying for the kayak tour… then you earned the kayak with the super comfy seat and trolling option. Gramma can keep up with the grandkids! Love it… my senior customers even more.

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Industry Ratings

This boat is fun to fish. Every inch is intentionally designed to make fishing and paddling easier and more enjoyable. Many features are completely new and totally unique. With so much excitement proceeding the release of Cifers’ latest invention, the heat is on.

- KayakAngler - November 2017 Read Review

When it comes to Kayak Design, Bonafide has thrown the book out the window. While staying true to efficient manufacturing, this team has re-thought everything that has come before. Bonafide = genuine, the real deal, authentic

- BBZ - October 2017 Read Review

These kayaks are built from the ground up and manufactured in the USA. Everything from the hull, seat, padding, accessories, even down to the screws that come standard on this kayak are all 100% made in the USA!

- Fishingonline - September 2017 Read Review